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Just – Watch. Listen. Read.

Check out EXTRA EXTRA – for more ‘live’ music.

MUSIC ‘after hours’ really loves music.  It’s a great connection and basically makes us feel good.

We wanted to get our local talent and those who’d love to be ‘Old South’ local, out there for you.

The result – ‘after hours’.  Here’s our feature performer for this week but you can check out ALL the tunes and musicians on the ‘after hours’ page.

Just do it!

'after hours'



Ian Raeburn brings a haunting and lyrical addition to ‘after hours’.  Ian’s musical journey began in London but at the age of seven his family moved to Collingwood.  Several years ago he packed up his guitars, wrapped them in his dreams and moved back – to Old South.  His original acoustic tunes are worth a listen.  You may find you want to hit re-wind – or search for other songs.  Find him on Spotify, YOUTube or just GOOGLE the guy – it’s a great start. 

Here’s a link to his Facebook page. 

This is the first of two ‘after hours’ songs – keep watching – we’ll post the second soon.




It's 'after hours' in Old South - ENJOY.


So here’s the deal – lots of incredibly talented people can be found in Old South.  Some call the neighbourhood home and others find their way to our doorsteps and shops because they want to EXPERIENCE what Old South offers. Either way they are the stuff of great stories and YOS tells those stories.  For the musically gifted we thought the best way to showcase their talents was to ‘show’ you their talents.  The result is ‘after hours’ a made in Old South by Your Old South stage for musicians of all genres.  You’re going to like this.

Thanks to the Black Walnut Bakery Cafe for hosting the first sessions.  You rock and the coffee was fabulous. Sha Choix opened their door for the second set of musicians and crew. Great shop in Wortley Village.

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